Thankful for being employed

I felt really bad today, one of the ladies at the dog park sent me an email asking if I could connect with a person who is documenting stories in Seaford.

While I felt it was a wonderful project, at the moment I am really unreliable. I don’t mean that in a bad way but with my work i’m often on call. Which means often very last minute I am buzzed to come in.

I felt like I could not commit and at this point in my life, I felt like I needed to be passionate about something in order to say no to paid work.

While I’m not passionate about the paid work I do now. I know its a pathway to making my dreams a reality. In my heart I really want to travel to the United States and speak about what makes me happy.

That is being the person connecting seniors and young people. I am passionate about Celebrate Living History which is an organisation I created to not only use my journalism skills but help ease social isolation that some seniors feel in the community.

Nothing makes me happier than being the person in the middle bridging the generation gap. I really would love to be a speaker at the Generations United Conference which will be held in Milwaukee next year.

I would also love to meet the folks I connected with through writing the Winston Churchill application. While I did not gain a fellowship it would still be amazing to follow through on my own terms. And share my knowledge with other organisations and individuals in Australia.

So I’m saying No for now, but in the future I may be saying a lot of the word Yes. I want to help but I also need to follow my own dreams.

Success is to be measured not so much by the position that you reach in life, as by the obstacles that you overcome while trying to succeed- Brooker T Washington 









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