Being appreciated

Sometimes working with folks who have acquired brain injuries is really hard. I had one client who asked that I buy a six pack of Caramel Up and Go. While it sounds like a simple request, it was a pretty hard one to grant.

I literally drove around the Frankston and Karingal area scouting for these Up and Gos. There were 12 packs and three packs but no six packs. The shop attendants I asked to help were  understanding of this unusual request and called other branches to see if there were any six packs in stock.

I was told as the caramel flavour is not popular, they were getting rid of the six packs.

I ended up calling the office. I felt defeated I had drove to so many places but yet I come back with nothing.

When I returned my client was not happy. And after much explaining about the reasons why I did not get a rain check, she finally agreed to two 12 packs of Up and Go.

I think she realised in the end how frazzled I was, so she offered me a chocolate reindeer. It was nice to feel appreciated, even if it was just for a moment.

Quote of the day: Most people are about as happy as they make their minds to be. Abraham Lincoln



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