Hanging in the salt room!

I always joke that I’ve joined a gym to pursue my major hobby sleeping and meditation.

But it really is true! My life often gets so hectic, if you look at my diary I often work weird hours and I really don’t get much sleep.

But the bonus of working odd hours is that I often have time to squeeze in a salt room and yoga session. Both include sleeping and that makes my day peaceful for just a little bit.

Sometimes my mind buzzes like crazy and once I’m off work I can’t switch off. Or if it’s during a semester, once I’m finished with my paid work. I often collaborate with student interns of the Celebrate Living History program, but that’s a position of pleasure, I love mentoring young minds to create wonderful stories of seniors. For as long as I am passionate about connecting young with old I will keep going.

Anyway like the crazy buzzy bee, I have veered off topic! I have been going to the salt room for months and I have had the pleasure of getting to know the regulars. It is nice to see familiar faces, even though we sleep most of the time!

They had a competition for rewarding those that book online and I won a spray tan. I’m really not sure if I will use it but it’s nice to be pampered, even if it does involve standing around in your underwear while someone sprays you!

Quote of the day: The greatest achievement of the human spirit is to live up to ones opportunities and to make the most of one’s resources- Vauvenargues



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