Taking myself on a date

So being a shift worker means that when my friends are free, I am not. I work odd days, nights and weekends.

But I don’t mind it suits me well. Sometimes it can be hard, I want to hang with friends but it is difficult to organise a set day and time that suits us both.

Often on my days off I take myself on a date. That means treating myself to something fun.

Today it was a trip to Melbourne, while it is only an hour away from where I live. I needed to get out of my town and explore the world. What I love about Melbourne is the culture and excitment of the city. I always get to meet interesting characters and explore creative venues.

I thought about seeing the Myer windows. As a child it was always a treat to see what theme was on display and the intricate details placed into making the Christmas wonderland come alive. I did rock up to the Myer windows this year, but my lazy gene kicked in. There was a huge line and I could not be bothered joining it. The windows did look wonderful from my quick glance. I loved the miniature Luna Park.

Next I pottered along Bourke Street Mall where I got to listen to wonderful bands. It is always a treat to clap my hands and get into the groove of an amazing beat. I’ve seen Woodlock before and they never fail to get the audience grooving.

I was aching for culture so I ended up at the National Gallery of Victoria. I’ve been in love with the NGV since I was a child. I’m always in wonder of the artwork and the effort made into making a painting stand out in the world. I remember during a school trip, my class walked off on me and I did not notice. I was transfixed by this timeless dress and I was trying to recreate the dress in my drawing. I was in my own world just lost in the magic of creation. Eventually my teacher found me. Still in the same spot staring in wonder at the dress.

I’ve always been curious about the St Paul’s Cathedral which is located across from Flinders Street station. Going inside the Cathedral is totally blisfull, it’s like being transported back to the 1800s. The stained glass windows and history will always cease to amaze me.

For lunch I was a pretty cheap date. I just had sushi and coffee!

Overall I think I’m pretty awesome company and I would take myself on a second date!

Quote of the day: We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails.




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