Having conversations at Christmas time

For something different I decided to volunteer for City Life’s Christmas lunch. Its a nice way of giving back to the community and helping those that are less fortunate than myself.

My role was table host which involved welcoming folks and helping facilitate conversation. It was a nice way to learn from people that I otherwise would never get the opportunity to meet.

On my table was a mix of different people all happy to mingle over a wonderful meal. Some had intellectual disabilities which made my table a little bit loud! But it was ok, it was rather fun to hear a person burp loud and giggle at their own farts! Sometimes I forget that we have all these rules for politeness in place and its great to break the rules every once in a while!

While I did not think my role was vital, it really struck me how important it is to have conversations with people that you otherwise would not interact with.

It really struck home when I was walking back from the dog park. I had a lovely chat with a gentleman called Frank. He was standing outside his house and when he saw Miss Ava Dognar he could not contain the big smile on his face. He was telling me that Christmas can be hard. Without his family it’s difficult. Both of his son’s are still in Scotland. Their 54 but to him there still his children and will always be. It really struck me that this holiday period can be quite hard for those that are socially isolated. And how important it is to take time out to have a chat. Sometimes just a conversation and of course a pat can make someone’s day.

Everyone has the potential to make someone’s day special, all we have to do is think outside the box and do something different.

Quote of the day: You are the product of your environment. That is why you are not able to see beyond the habits and social conventions that are rooted deep within you. If you wish to see beyond them, you must first of all free yourself from the normal way in which you interpret facts. Swami Prajnanpad (1891-1974) 




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