Working like crazy!

Over the past week I have literally been working like a mad woman. Sometimes it can be hard juggling three jobs all at the same time.

If you look at my diary, I bet you would be tired just having a gander!

Yesterday I was talking to my friend in the staff toilets. She said “No offence but you look tired. Your face looks grey. You need a day off.”

For me it can be hard to say no to work. Especially being a casual worker, nothing is ever set in stone. One minute I could have lots of work, the next I’m totally broke.

Its not the best cycle to be on, but this lifestyle enables me to do the stuff I’m passionate about. The mornings I usually devote to what makes me happy. Writing, mentoring students of Celebrate Living History and cuddles with Miss Ava Dognar.

Even though this crazy work schedule is temporary, sometimes it’s locked in stone for some. Some security guards work 24/7, they finish one shift and then go straight to another. It’s legal as its the same job but different companies. I can’t imagine doing this long term. It’s exhausting. You can have all the money in the world but if you have no time to enjoy it, then this lifestyle is not really worth it.

I think it’s important to monitor where you are at. Your body is not a machine. It needs days off. A big sleep in. Time to focus on what makes you happy.

I’m pretty happy by the end of the Christmas holiday period, I will have enough money to travel to the United States to speak at the Generations United Conference about my passion for connecting young people with seniors. I may have failed in gaining a grant but I have found another way.

I don’t give up. I just work hard for what I want. A way out of this endless cycle to thrive doing what I love. I believe obstacles are put in the way to make you work harder to reach your goals. Out of the box thinking will only make you stronger.

Quote of the day: A tiny spark can start a blazing fire


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