My Belief in myself

I was chatting about my goal to travel overseas for the Generations United Conference to a work buddy.

She said that’s cool who are you going with? I replied it’s just me. In response she replied that’s brave of you.

I’m not sure why travelling solo is deemed to be brave. Sure you don’t have a friend to confide in but if I waited for someone to join me, then I will never go. It may be a long wait and at this stage I don’t need permission to pursue my goals.

I believe if I put my mind to making stuff happen, I will eventually get there. I remember the first time I heard about the Generations United conference. I fell in love with their values and the potential people I could meet. The Generations United Conference in the United States showcases programs and people who are passionate about connecting young and older generations. Just like I am about Celebrate Living History which is a program I created to connect young journalism students with elders.

Nothing would make me happier than being surrounded by people who are as passionate as I am. I applied to be a speaker and it would be wonderful for my work to be respected not only in Australia but internationally. I truely believe in the value of giving a voice to seniors and of my role in nurturing students to document their stories.

I remember working so hard on the Winston Churchill fellowship application to enable me to go to the conference. And when I did not get through to the interview round I was shattered. But then I thought if I work really hard then I will get there on my own terms.

So I’m at the working hard stage. This means I’m juggling many jobs, but this will provide money for where I need to go. I truely believe in myself and this is my opportunity to shine in my own way. I believe if life were easy then I may not have been challenged to reach my true potential. If I keep persisting I will get there.

Quote of the day: Go with the best you’ve got.


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