Grateful that i’m always optimistic

I have an unusual job in disability care. Often we are placed on 1.1 with certain clients. This means that we help them with tasks such as shopping, cleaning and interacting with the community.

I have been placed with two ladies who don’t like me. Its not a bad thing, my personality suits certain folks.

But i’m forever optimistic, I don’t take it to heart, I just see this as an opportunity to work on what i’m really passionate about. So after cleaning the office and helping with shared care.

I bring out my research on the Winston Churchill fellowship. I want to apply again this year but incorporate what i’ve learnt about disability care in this application. When I first heard about this fellowship last year, I got to learn more about Winston Churchill. I admire his resilience and his ability to keep going despite the odds. I am constantly inspired by him and aim to one day travel the world in his name.

So I am turning slow periods into my opportunity to shine. I’m reaching my goal of saving enough to head to the United States to speak at the Generations United conference.

I will eventually get to where I need to be.

Quote of the day: Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. 




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