Acting like a Koala

I’m taking a few days off just to be me. Its funny over the past few weeks i’ve been working like crazy. I had a feeling that work would dry up soon, so I better take advantage while I can.

Thats the thing with casual work, one minute your wanted the next you are on the stockpile. Its not the best feeling, to never have a sense of belonging. But then again I feel that my job in disability care is just a step towards making the money to go overseas in June.

It is my day off and i’m totally and utterly exhausted. All I want to do is sleep and read. I’ve turned into a koala but instead of eating gum tree leaves i’m devouring cups of tea. I’ve just started reading This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto against Ageism. Its quite an interesting book that touches on stereotypes of older people and how we view them in society. Its true that when you say “You look much more younger than you are,” its seen as a compliment. We should celebrate growing older. All that wonderful knowledge should be cherished. Age should not be a barrier to who we are and what we can do.

I’m lucky that I have gained a different perspective than most. When you look at me, you don’t think I would have much knowledge. To some I look like a young girl.

But then I open my mouth and I break all illusions. You don’t expect words of wisdom to come out of my mouth. But I have learnt from the best.

I suppose i’m unusual. But my fascination with knowledge started in 2012 when I started interviewing elder people. Reflecting back I was accepting of the stereotypes that older people were frail and most were in nursing homes.

But then I was blown away when I spoke at the Frankston National Seniors group. I remember seeing these older gentlemen hanging out in the back of the room. Then suddenly they were banging on the desks yelling “Speak louder.” It was a total ruckus and broke all stereotypes that older people were frail. They were quite cheeky!

Since then I’ve been a strong advocate for breaking stereotypes of age. We are only as young as we feel. It should not matter how old we are.

Quote of the day: Occasionally what you have to do is to go back to the beginning and see everything in a new way. Peter Straub 


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