In my skin

I went to yoga class this morning and I was feeling very self conscious. I was hiding my arms in a big wooly jumper. My eczema had decided to flair up, my arms were a big red scabby mess.

I was ashamed of my skin but I still wanted to go outside. The only other option was to stay home and feel sorry for myself.

I think it was a combination of stress and drinking too much milk (Coffee’s main ingredient) which set me off. Its horrible when your skin is so sore and its very easy to feel depressed when your eczema decides to make life a little tough.

I can thank my grandma for my eczema, her genes are powerful! She had really bad eczema. My mum says when my grandma took her stockings off, POOF! all these little white flakes would come out.

Anyway I tend to ramble. I forgot it was hot yoga and that I would have to take off my jumper. When I did I was expecting people to look at me in disgust. But no-one did, it was just me that was ashamed of myself. I looked in the mirror and my eczema did not look that bad. Sure it was red and a tad inflamed but it could have been worse.

I think my eczema is a sign to slow down a little bit. My body has been through so much over the past few weeks, in its own flaky way my body tells me when i’ve had enough.

So i’m going to listen to my body. Cut down on coffee. And treat my skin well. I’ve discovered Schuessler Tissue Salts Skin Disorders COMB D which really seems to work with my flair ups.

Quote of the day: The way is in the heart. Allow the beauty of your soul to shine Buddha 




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