Sharing secrets

Today my good friend Valma came down to my hometown of Frankston. Its always exciting to show my friends around the town that I grew up in.

Being a local my favourite beach is in Mt Eliza on Old Canadian Road. I love this beach as not many people know about it.

Often I enjoy taking time out to read and breath in the fresh salt air. I don’t like to be on crowded beaches as its often frantic with activity. I just love the chill factor of being in the moment and just being me.

So I shared my secret beach with Valma today and she enjoyed sinking her feet into the warm sand. She loved watching the seagulls on their journey. And the city of Melbourne in the distance.

Sometimes its the simple joy of sharing something wonderful that can make you happy. I was happy that Valma got to discover my secret place to escape. But don’t tell anyone! …..Ssssssh its a secret!

Quote of the day: Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy: they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossum. Marcel Proust 








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