Hey we want you (Nah not really Bugger off)

I think one of the casualties of being a casual worker is that once you help out during the peak season. Your no longer required during the off-peak season.

It kind of hurts, you become used to a steady flow of income and regular contact with fellow employees and residents.

Then suddenly your no longer required. I found myself going into the city for no reason. I was in a daze. I was looking for a destination. But I wandered around the city aimlessly. I can understand how some people when, they get retrenched from a job feel somewhat lost. It’s like you wake up on auto pilot than realise that you have nowhere to go. I feel somewhat numb but I know I’ll get over this hurdle.

I’ve worked hard and raised enough for flights and accommodation for my trip to the United States in June. I suppose my biggest fear is if I have to dip into my savings for day-to-day living.

I think somehow I will work things out. Maybe this is the push I need to make a living from my skills. Somehow I fell into disability care. I’m ok at it. But I don’t excel at it. I feel like I needed hands on experience in the industry to grow as a person.

I’ve succeeded at the saving money part. Now I have to do the living part.

Quote of the day: Some pursue happiness, others create it. Unknown







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