Treating myself

Sometimes the best days are those that are not planned. My friend Celeste called me out of the blue to have a girls day in the city.

I used to see her every day at the dog park. Now it’s very rare to find the time to just chill.

We ended up jewellery shopping. I felt weird like I was stepping into a high end world. Once we were through the doors of the store we were offered coffee and a seat.

I was stunned I was not used to being in such classy surroundings. Celeste says she spoils herself often. Celeste says once we are through the doors of a jewellery store,everything else does not matter. Where you grew up, what you do as a job and who you think you are. You are seen as worthy of being spoilt.

I suppose it’s all in the mind. I said to Celeste that I’m going to be a speaker at Generations United. Celeste says that’s worthy of celebrating. To me it is not a big thing. But I suppose over the five years that I’ve been working on Celebrate Living History, has been building to this moment. It’s the little things that make something big.

Everything I do. I chunk into little bits and before I know it, I’ve achieved my goal. I don’t look at the big picture. I look at the small picture. To me that’s more achievable.

I shared some of my world with Celeste. One of my favourite places is this little bubble tea place. I get to indulge my little kid. There are swings and yummy drinks. It may not be classy. But it is humble just like me.

Quote of the day: The only way to have a friend is to be one. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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