Getting to know strangers

I was walking Miss Ava Dognar and I bumped into senior gentleman Frank. He was trotting up the street to get his daily exercise.

Frank ended up offering Ava a drink and a biscuit at his house. Frank invited us inside and showed me these little pins from golf courses. He marks a map of Scotland with these pins. He says he is determined to go back and visit all these places.

He chatted about how he was a carpenter and when he was young, he used to travel all over the place. Now at 86 he is heading back to his homeland of Scotland in May. Frank says he wants to see all these places while he can.

Frank reminded me that I have such wonderful places to visit where I live. I suppose when you get caught up in life you forget that you can escape and enjoy whats around you.

So I’m going to thank Frank for making me grateful for the place where I live.

Quote of the day: The way is in the heart. Allow the beauty of your soul to shine. Buddha 


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