What is the point of worrying?

I’ve been worried over the past few days, all of a sudden I was getting no shifts at work.

They had just hired a whole bunch of people and the new staff have taken a majority of the casual shifts. The permanent staff have nothing to worry about, but if your casual it’s no guarantee you will get work. Some of the new staff have even quit their other work because they assume their new job will bring guaranteed shifts.

I was feeling very much like Oliver Twist “Please Sir can I have a shift?

But then I thought what is the point of worrying? Sure I had just booked a major trip and have the car registration due but things will work out. They often do. Money comes and goes.

I decided to hang with friends. Eat New York cheese cake. Then apply for a new job.

I worked on the Winston Churchill fellowship.

And over the weekend I’m going to work on a proposal for sponsors to help achieve my goal of becoming a speaker at the Generations United conference in the United States. I need a little help with accomodation costs.  And if I can exchange social media space, website space and showcasing their logo while I speak. Then that’s something I can do.

When life brings me lemons I like to make lemonade. Why not?

Quote of the day: Make the most of the best and the least the worse -Robert Louis Stevenson


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