Being exposed to the greats

One of the perks of my events job is that sometimes I get to see some magnificent artists.

In this case it was the wonderful Adele she totally blew me away. With her humble accounts of her life to where she is now. Adele paints a colourful character and in a way it was like a mini comedy show. I could not stop smiling. She chatted about burping and what it was like at the Oscars with her “tits” overflowing with milk after having a child. She revealed while her life looks glamourous. She is really wearing a diamond encrusted dress drawing in sweat and bugs!

I liked how she shared her personal photos from when she was growing up. As a child she had a big smile on her face and loved East 17. I too had a poster of the East 17 gang on my wall!

It was nice reminiscing about the past and fond memories.

I also loved the personal touch of the hand written notes that were plastered all over the stadium, that was truly lovely.

Such a wonderful concert that shows you can be humble and famous.

Quote of the day: The truest greatness lies in being kind, the truest wisdom in a happy mind. Ella Wheeler Wilcox



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