Grateful that I have a HUGE imagination!

I spend most of my time on trains, considering most of my workplaces are often an hour commute to the city of Melbourne.

Usually I day dream or read but over the weekend I decided to doodle. Then I doodled more at work. Then I realised that I could draw in return for crowd funding. 

One of my favourite hobbies is reading books on wisdom. The book i’m reading now is 30 days for living tried and true advice from the Wisest Americans by Karl Pillemer PHD. So I thought for 30 days in exchange for donations, I will share this wisdom with colourful portraits of seniors on Melbourne trains.

I have been given the opportunity to represent Australia as a speaker for the Generations United Conference in the US. This event attracts leaders, educators and advocates from around the world. And it is my goal to learn from this experience. To interview and discover successful organisations and individuals around the United States that breaks down stereotypes about age.

Feel free to check out my 30 day challenge at Send Bev to the United States. 



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