Richer than Beyonce is a blog created to celebrate the everyday moments that make life rich.

It all started with a conversation about how Sophia Amoruso is richer than Beyonce. We started chatting about the everyday moments that make life worth living. And the lessons i’ve learnt from chatting to seniors and folks with disabilities. These are the people that cherish every moment and are truly rich in every way. Being rich is not just about the money. Its is about the everyday things that count. So every day I’ll be posting something that makes me smile. And that may include playing with cute puppies! Because hey cute puppies are the best ever!

You don’t need mega bucks to feel like a millionaire. All you need is to look around you. And realise its the small things that count. Like having a cheeky ice cream to cuddling your dog. All these little moments count. Forget about worrying about the future. The time is now. Cherish who you are in this exact moment. Live life as you want it to be.

True happiness is to enjoy the present and rest satisfied with what you have, which is abundantly sufficient- Seneca